A unique Ice Cream Parlor with something for everyone


warm caramel, cinnamon-sugar & banana cheesecake wrapped
in flour tortilla served with vanilla gelato 

Housemade Gelato “Drowned” in Espresso   

Nutella Pizza
Sweetened Pizza Dough with Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Fresh Strawberries & Powdered Sugar

Homemade Gelato & Sorbetto

Warm Beverages


Hot Chocolate




Single/Double Espresso  

Gelato Con Liqueur

St Germain Liqueur (France) & Vanilla Gelato

A piring of lychee, vanilla bean & elderflower

Cafe Borghetti (Italy) & Almond Biscotti Gelato

Sweet liqueur espresso poured over creamy almond gelato

A perfect blend

Godiva Liqueur (Belgium) & Hazelnut Gelato

Elegant creamy milk chocolate, over rich piedmontese hazelnut gelato

Pama Pomegranate Liqueur & Lemon Basil Sorbetto

Pama pomegranate, the "Forbidden Fruit"

Fresh citrus & herbs create an exotic experience

Pisa Liqueur (Italy) & Vanilla Gelato

A blend of almond, pistachio, and hazelnut from

the town of Pisa

Amarula Cream Liqueur (South Africa) & Hazelnut Gelato

Made from the fruit of the marula tree. A favorite of

South American elephants

Cedilla Liqueur De Acai (Brazil) & Vanilla Gelato

Hand picked organic sambazon acai berries from the amazon

creates a complex profile of chocolate, spice and berry notes when gently poured

over vanilla gelato

Chambord Liqueur (France) & Chocolate Gelato

Raspberries, blackberries, steeped in cognac poured over rich

dark chocolate, a classic.

Stega Liqueur (Italy) & Chocolate Gelato

From the town of Benevento neighboring Ariano Irpino. Strega, meaning "witch" in Italian, is a popular herbal liqueur, paired with coffee gelato you have "caffe corretto" a favorite in our region.

Domaine De Canton (France) & Cinnamon Gelato

A ginger root liquor close to Bordeaux paired with fresh ground cinnamon gelato

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur (Italy) &

Chocolate Gelato

A Silician favorite liqueur paired with a Belgium dark chocolate creamy gelato 

Cabernet Sauvignon & Chocolate

Rich cherry flavor brought out by the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & a bitter dark chocolate

Bevande Di Notte

​(After Dinner Liqueur)

Cuarenta Y Tres - Cartagena, Spain
A Spanish Liqueur made from citris and fruit juices, flavored with vanilla and other aromatic herbs and spices for a total of 43 ingredients

Pama - USA
Made from the juices of the pomegranate fruit from California

Cedilla - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Made in Brazil, this liqueur is made using the zambazon Acai berries from the Amazon

St. Germain - Saint Germaine, France
A French liqueur flavored with its main ingrediant, the elderflower, to give the beverage a nice light floral flavor.

Pisa - Pisa, Italy
An Italian favorite, combining almond and pistacio to make the flavorful nutty taste

Sambuca - Italy
An Italian Anise flavored beverage that has a liquorice flavor.

Strega - Benevento, Italy
An Italian Herbal liqueur using mint, cinnamon, fennel, and saffron

Strega Cream - Benevento, Italy

Using the Strega Liqueur, we produce our own version made in house with a cream base

Limoncello - Italy
An Italian lemon liqueur produced in southern Italy using the ripest lemons from the gulf.

Chambord - Loire Valley, France

French liqueur infused with red and black raspberries, vanilla, and cognac

Amarula - South Africa
A South African liqueur made with a cream base and the exotic marula fruit.

Grand Marnier - Paris, France
a premium cognac blend with hints of tropical oranges from the Carribean and fine cognac

from France.

Nocello - Modena, Italy
With a delicate, fragrant flavor, Nocello is a liqueur made from walnuts and hazelnuts

Solerno - Sicily, Italy
Made using blood oranges and combining many spices to enrich the flavor

House Made Blue Berry Basil Chello - Media, USA

Made traditionally from the the town of Ariano Irpino using grappa

​Zucca Amaro Rabarbaro - Italy

Italian-style liquor, or amoro, made from rubarb

with botanicals and other spices. Appreciated by the Italian King Vittorio Emanule

Domaine de Canton - Jarnac France

 VSOP cognac infused with black and red raspberries, vanilla, and cognac 

Sabiano Amaro - Italy

A popular Italian digestive made of herbs, roots, and spices with Caramel

Sabiano Camomilla - Italy

Brandy infused chamomile with grappa nose, honey, floral, vanilla, & hints of lemon

Caffe Borghetti - Milano, Italy

Espresso liqueur, semi-sweet on palate, smooth finish, hints of vanilla

Diasaronno Amaretto - Saronno, Italy

An Italian liquor icon with sweet flavors of almond and marzipan 

Digestive sweet in flavor